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Pablo Guala, M.D.
Medical Director

Our Facility

Our 5,000+ sqft. facility was designed and built to host a specialized medical center that is equipped with the most advanced healthcare equipment, allowing us to perform cardiovascular procedures in a ambulatory setting.

Pablo Guala, MD is an Interventional Cardiologist with a vast experience in cardiac and vascular diseases. Dr. Pablo Guala is the founder and Medical Director of MVC – Miami Vascular Center, an ambulatory outpatient catheterization center dedicated mostly to limb salvage. Dr. Pablo Guala and his team are confident in providing the best possible treatment to avoid an amputation of the lower extremities. Limb salvage procedures are safely performed in an outpatient setting under local anestesia and with moderate sedation with a prompt discharge of the patient. Hundreds of patients have been treated with excellent results by Dr. Pablo Guala, saving limbs and saving lives to many patients in our community everyday”.

We Offer Awesome Services

Vascular Arterial Disease

– Perpheral Arterial Disease of the lower extremities
– Vascular Ulcers (Legs and Feet)

Heart Disease

– Coronary Artery Disease
– Heart Valve Disease
– Cardiac Arrhythmias
– Congestive Heart Failure
– Hypertension
– Dyslipidemia

Chronic Venous Disease

– Varicose Veins
– Lower Extermity Inflammation
– Venous Ulcers

Preventive Cardiology

– A holistic approach to
educating patients on
cardiovascular care

Whether in service of medical research, diagnostics or patient treatment, innovation in healthcare today is driven by technology. Its extraordinary impact is due to the development of tools that allow us to practice preventive care in a way that was considered impossible a decade ago. An integral piece of our work, technology continues to improve the quality of life of our patients. Technology, however, is nothing more than a set of tools that speed the pace of evolution along the path of healing. Helpful? Definitely. But technology alone is not enough.

The Mission of a medical institution isn’t just to integrate technological tools, or to deliver a patient – and it’s family – a prognosis in academic terms, but rather to create an organization that guarantees a full commitment to patients a every stage along the continuum of care. Ensuring a patient’s safety and establishing a warm connection with them are as essential to the healing process as the reliability of the diagnosis and the application of treatments. Understanding patients in every dimension is the guiding principle of everything we do at Miami Vascular Center.

Miami Vascular Center is a cardiovascular medical center that specializes in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all conditions related to the circulatory system. Our Mission is guided by four core tenets.

1. a firm belief in educating patients.
2. an approach that is based on constant academic improvement
3. the integration of the most advanced healthcare equipment
4. a distinctive care policy geared toward the patient and their environment.

Staffed by an exceptional team of professional with years of experience we offer some of the most innovative revascularization techniques that provide significant improvement in blood flow. Our records of innovation and development deliver unmatched results in preventative care as well as in the treatment of existing pathologies. Our vision is clear: give everyone access to an approach that will radically improve health conditions. We do this by emphasing the importance of identification and early treatment of the most severe cardiovascular diseases.